April 7, 2016

Double exciting news!

We are proud to announce that we added 2 brand new catamarans to our fleet for You to enjoy! They will start their journey in the end of May and will gladly welcome You on board for exciting adventures.

All of You sailors that are looking for a special experience and have been waiting for the opportunity, wait no more. Light as feathers, they are ready to ‘fly’ the sea. Luxurius catamarans will take You to all new level of sailing. Catamaran is perfect for Your family or group of friends’ vacation, because it has a lot of space and privacy for everybody. Due to shallow draft, every bay is now available. Spacius Giselle and Red Twin are located in our biggest marina Kaštela.



There are some available periods in August and September, so don’t hesitate to reserve Your time on these beautiful boats. All the special equipment will make Your trip even easier and comfortable. Time for this wonderful experience is now! Sail with us.

Price list in €:cenik-katamaran