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two weeks ago we chartered 5 boats at your base Marina Kastela.

Not only were all the boats in good condition but we also found your crew to be competent, friendly and very helpful.

Best regards,

Elvira H.

Segelschule Neusiedl am See




Kedves Johnny,
köszönjük a szolgáltatást, jól éreztük magunkat, eltekintve attól, hogy végig követhettük egy sirokkó kibontokazását…., de a legénység/leányság állta a sarat, és “elhányagolható” rosszullétekkel vette a 30 csomó feletti szeleket, és a 6 –os tengert.  Sajnos az első nap rögvest elkövettünk egy bakit, a csáklyát elhagytuk miután a mooring kötél súlya magával rántotta a mélybe, legelábbis ami a fémrészt illeti, igaz a gumi nyél a kézben maradt, amivel a későbbiekben nem sokra mentünk. Akartunk venni egyet helyette, de nem kaptunk a szigeteken, a kollégád pedig nem engedte kifizetni, elnézést mégegyszer. (Talán érdemes lenne a következőnél a két részt egy szalaggal  biztosítani, mert erős szeles kikötéseknél nagyon tud hiányozni.)
Tamás, neked is nagyon köszönjük a szervezést!
Tisztelt crew, további jó szelet a hétköznapokra!
Csaba, skipper



Dear Elan-Yachting-Team,

First of all let me say THANK YOU in the name of my entire crew. We had a wonderful sailing trip back in September. Such a experience is only possible if everything works out fine with the charter company. Your team made this happen!!!

We are planning our next sailing trip in June or September 2010 and we would like to try the ELAN 410 this time. Can you please send me some indications which time slots are still available during both periods including the according price for one week?

Needless to say that this needs to be the best price in town… Early booking, direct booking, returner,… And a awesome crew of course 😉

Greetings from Munich,
Christian D.


Hi katja!

we had a wonderful week in kroatia and want to thank you for the good organisation.
especially davor selak and anamaria peric gave us best information and a really professional service at your base in sukosan.

thanks, we contact you next year!

Bernd L.
Vienna, Austria


I just wanted to thank you for the great charter we had with you in the beginning of october.
All our 6 boats were for that late time in the Season in an exceptional shape.

A special thank you to the team in the marina kastela – they did a great job!

We look forward to next years charter!

With kind regards,
Elian K.

Munchen, Germany


Pozdravljena Goga,

zaradi profesionalnega odnosa in izredno dobre izkušnje z vašo ekipo v Kaštelih, se mi zdi primerno, da vse posebej pohvalim.

Enako smo v  pogovoru ugotovili, da nam tudi vi vedno pripravite ugodno in željam prilagojeno ponudbo.

Veselim se ponovnega sodelovanja z vami.

Lep dan, Mitja


At the base (Sukošan)

Friendliness – perfect

Competence – perfect

Surrounding – good

Check-in/check-out – perfect

The yacht

Tech. condition of the Yacht – perfect

Equipment – good

Appearance – perfect

Cleanliness of the yacht – good

The sailing area offers a lot of variety The sailing area is suitable for families The sailing area has an interesting culture The sailing area have enough safe harbors The sailing area have enough nice anchorages The sailing area has nice swimming and snorkeling spots Good sailing wind Weather average

Thomas Bantle


Thank you to all the staff of Burin Yacht Charter for there welcome and their assistance during our trip on Blue Velvet.

It was a real pleasure for us.


Daniel and Danièle Kerfriden


At the base (Biograd)

Friendliness – perfect

Competence – perfect

Surrounding – perfect

Check-in/check-out – perfect

The yacht (Elan 350 Performance)

Tech. condition of the Yacht – perfect

Equipment – perfect

Appearance – good

Cleanliness of the yacht – perfect

The sailing area offers a lot of variety The sailing area is suitable for families The sailing area has nice pubs and restaurants The sailing area have enough safe harbors The sailing area have enough nice anchorages The sailing area has nice swimming and snorkeling spots In the sailing area the harbors are sometimes too crowded In the sailing area the harbors are too expensive Good sailing wind Weather perfect

Arthur Stuck


Actually, I can only express praise all round, the support of Globe Sailor in finding a ship was helpful, the agreements with Burin Yacht Charter have all maintained and the staff in the Marina Kastela was friendly, relaxed and competent. The ship (Elan 45) was in good condition, even on our two weeks charter are several reasons noticed (broken zip on the spray, a light leaking in heavy rain Luke). Anyway, the first ship that I have returned after two weeks with bone-dry bilge … I would immediately hire again in Burin. But everything can be improved, and for the next time I’ll probably choose the “Early Checkin” option since we got the ship only at 15 o’clock – with the acquisition, granting, grocery shopping and Küchenräumereien we were then only after 18 o’clock ready and are not drove out more …

– Welcome : 5/5 (Excellent)
– Boat : 5/5 (Excellent)
– Quality/Price : 5/5 (Excellent)
– Destination : 4/5 (Very Good)

Robert Glaubauf


I just wanted to say thank you to all your team for our recent charter from Biograd.

We’ve chartered many times and never experienced a charter management company with staff as friendly and helpful as yours in Biograd.

We were also really pleased with the boat, the Elan 350, on which we enjoyed some fantastic sailing.  The boats are clearly really well looked after which made them a pleasure to sail, another testament to your team.

Many thanks  again for our brilliant holiday.

Jon Brown


I want to share my experience with you. Our crews regularly chart Elan 350 from your one design fleet in Biograd for all kinds of regattas (in past months I e.g. sailed on Oscar and Quebec) and we are very satisfied with both the boats and your staff as well. Boats are always well-prepared, ready to race and maintained in good condition.
Most of all, we have an excellent experience with your staff in Biograd/ Marina Kornati (as e.g. recently on Karnevalska regata), which always provides all of us with full and fast support for all our issues that we were dealing with during the regata and enable us to enjoy the race and to give the best racing performance.
Thank you!
Best regards


A great time on a great boat

Let’s say it upfront: 10 people including an 8 year old child, a skipper still learning the ” ropes” with larger boats and a brand new yacht – we were taking a bit of a risk with this trip and so did the charter company. With a bit of luck, common sense and support by Burin , we all had the time of our life and returned happy and healthy.

Reservations and payments through The globesailor were seamless and telephone support by our account manager Marin excellent. We made reservations for a brand new (2017 built) Hanse 505 named Papatu out of Split. The description provided by Burin was largely accurate. (The toilets were conventional and not electric as described and there were no deck mattresses as seen in some of the stock pictures. We brought our own self inflating mattresses and a sun sail; Both came in very handy for distributing the large crew comfortably on the boat during stops and when motoring). On the other hand, we were pleasantly surprised by two pull-out refrigerators, one pull-out freezer and an additional, sizable cockpit refrigerator. Except for two nights we made all meals for 10 people in the ship’s galley without problem. Kitchen utensils, pots and pans were plentiful for 10 as had been promised. For making coffee we brought out own poor-over filter and two large thermos coffee pots.

The Hanse 505 is a dream for coastal cruising. The engine is both quiet and powerful and on a day without wind, 6 knots and more feel like a relaxed speed under engine power. We made such good time that we exceeded our original itinerary and made it to Kornati National Park with ease. The Hanse is fast and fun under sail, too, just a delight all around. Careful in reverse – the large rudder and powerful engine will try and pull the wheel out of your hand with gusto and we unknowingly damaged the connection to the auto pilot when leaving the marina on the first day. The bow thrusters are a huge help given the size of the 505 but be careful not to use them before they are fully deployed – the electronics can get hung up and a reboot of main power is required as fix. The stern swim platform was great but just like with all boats I saw – the swim ladder is way too short and flimsy for the heavier set and older among us.

Self-tacking works like a charm and the power winches are great. The in-mast main furling works great but is rigged to return the sail manually to the mast to avoid damage through inappropriate operation. The inverter was disabled for the same reason.

As is to be expected with a brand new ship, there were still few – very few – issues with calibration (depth meter and anchor chain meter) and we never could get the Internet router to work. But we had cell phone reception with data often and the new European roaming regulation which started during our trip kept us connected at little expense. We also forgot to ask for the stand-up paddle that was included in our package but did get lots of snorkeling in.

Check-in and check-out at Marina Castela was quick and efficient. Marko’s competent briefing on the boat’s feature was brief indeed but allowed time for questions and with three technically competent crew members listening in we felt as well prepared as could be expected. Everyone at the base was friendly, helpful and in good spirit – thanks to Thea, Marko and “The electrician”.

Everyone went home happy and we’ll be customers again for sure.


We have booked the boot the second time with Burin.

We are very please with the service in the Marina Kornati.
Linda was very friendly and called us regarding the expected weather change. Denis did a very good Job on the Check in.
He gave us additional information about nice beaches.
We are also surpriced about the necessary thing the well-equipped on-board pharmacy and some furhter details.

We will recommend the company our sailing friends.

Kind regards
Andreas Oberdorfer


The trip, the boat and the staff in Sukosan were super nice, we haven’t had such a good service and support in a long time .. I can totally recommend Burin Sukosan.

Karl-Heinz Ludwig


Dear Goga and Katja,

I would like to thank you for your great assistance with our sailing event.

The clients are very satisfied with our sailing week despite the weather J

It is for the 5th year now we organize this amateur regatta; this time it was the best one.

Thanks again for providing us this great fleet and your attention to every detail we asked for.

Looking forward to our new bookings together!

Keep in touch and wishing you a nice day ahead.

Best regards,



Thank you for this boat, I have to tell you this was until now the best boat and the most professional charter company. I would reallty recommend Burin for everyone.

Everything was nice, organised, perfect conditions and clean.

The ladies at the company were incredibly nice, fast and uncomplicated. Also the technical team and the whole takeover/handover was easy and without issues.

Looking forward for the september week with our families.

Thanks again, have a nice day